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Location of Job: Arlington, VA
When: Aug 13, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Home Siding Pressure Washing
call or text Call: (703) 215-2559
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Brief Explanation

Was This Customer Nervous About Our Service?

We recently helped out a local customer near the Arlington, VA area who had been long overdue for a proper home siding pressure washing.

This customer had apparently never hired a professional pressure washing company, such as ourselves, to come out and clean up the exterior of their home's siding before.

In fact, one of their biggest worries was in our equipment using too much water pressure and potentially shattering through one of their main French, patio glass door entryways to their home.

We quickly reassured them that we used specific nozzles for every job and that each nozzle allowed us to precisely fine-tune our pressure washing capabilities as needed.

This allows us to clean thoroughly, without doing any unnecessary damage to the properties of our clients.

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Client Testimonial
Excellent Job! ~ Jean Kuba - Arlington, VA

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1. What Else Were We Careful About?


Once we helped to put their mind at ease, we then went straight to work doing what we do best.

This job was fairly straightforward for the most part, yet we never use that as an excuse to do a lackluster job when it comes to our craft.

We were especially careful around the white-paint trim which bordered their windows and doors.

Even low-level water pressure nozzles can still do damage if they're point-blank range away from sensitive household materials such as this.

After everything was finished, this customer was impressed that we stayed true to the price which we initially quoted to them in person.

We always strive to have a firsthand look around a home before giving out a quote in order to not only get a better understanding as to how long the project will likely take.

And, we also strive to provide a reasonable estimate that will likely be lower than higher in nearly all cases.

Give us a call for all of your pressure washing needs today!

2. What Makes Our Cleaning Solutions Solid?


Here at Elite Pressure Washing, we’re committed to only using cleaning solutions that are safe and secure around your home's siding.

ALL of the cleaning chemicals that we use for pressure washing are Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable.

No Exceptions!

Additionally, however, our pressure washing solutions don’t sacrifice cleaning power for the health of your home.

In fact, most customers often see even better results compared to more traditional heavy chemicals such as certain strong acids and bleaches that smell way too strong and can even irritate eyes at times.

Our pressure washing cleaning service is safe for your entire home, and that includes adults, children, animals, and even plants.

3. Just How Effective Is Our Cleaning Equipment?


When it comes to efficiently cleaning our customers' homes with precision and power, we only use the best pressure washing equipment on the market in order to do so.

Our specific unit washes at 3,500 PSI and pumps out more than 8 Gallons of Water Per Minute!

Day after day we help to transform the way siding, roofs, driveways, fences, and gutters look.

From reaching all the way up to three-story buildings down to porches and sidewalks, our top-tier equipment has proven to be fully reliable and capable of handling any project that's thrown our way time and time again.

No matter what the size of your pressure washing needs may be, we’re confident that we'll be able to get the job done quickly and effectively.

4. How Are We A Great Choice?


We're Arlington's Premier Pressure Washing company.

In addition to being a Locally Owned and Operated LLC business, we pride ourselves on being On-Time to our Appointments and are always Respectful of your Home.

Furthermore, we've worked on over 2,500+ pressure washing projects and counting, so you can rest assured knowing that our experience and expertise is reliable.

Add on to the fact that all of our projects are backed by our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, and it's clear to see that we're the pressure cleaning company for you.

We'll clean your home's exterior siding fast and efficiently, and by the time we're done, you'll hardly recognize your home by how clean it's going to look.

5. Why Don't We Offer Over-The-Phone Estimates?


In order to provide the best estimates possible, we’ll provide you with a personalized one once we have a proper chance to visit your property and see what specifically needs to be done.

We prefer this in-person method versus phone estimates for multiple reasons.

One is that we’re able to meet our customers face to face, and this also helps to give you a chance to see what we’re really all about in person.

Next, it makes things much easier for us to answer any personal questions that you may have for us.

This allows us to help you better understand our technique for pressure washing and gives us the opportunity to point out any other specific areas or places around your home which may need to be addressed as well.

We also strive to provide all of our customers with the best possible price.

When we visit your property in person, we can then more accurately evaluate the entire scope of the work that may be needed and to give you our best price possible.