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Location of Job: Arlington, VA
When: Jun 5, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Pressure Wash Residential Driveway
Brief Explanation

One of our favorite services to do is to pressure wash driveways. The results are always outstanding! We love seeing the smiles that this service leaves on our clients faces after completing driveway cleaning in Arlington, VA.

Spectacular Surface Cleaning

Driveways are made out of concrete. Concrete is porous in nature. To a degree... you can say that it absorbs material from its immediate surroundings. Over time, if not properly cleaned, concrete and driveways will become small habitats for the growth of grime.

To add insult to injury, being located in the South with hot and humid summer weather only adds to the incubator effect in the growth of unsightly dirt aggregate.

Squeaky Clean With Hot Steam

As previously said, this is one service that we love to provide because our equipment gets great results. The hot water cleaning capability not only lifts even the hardest stains out of concrete... It also helps to delay the future growth of mold and mildew.

As typical with concrete surface cleans, we set the hot water settings on our pressure washer to be elevated but still within safe measures for effective surface cleaning. Then, with slow and methodical passes of the surface cleaner, we watch the debris dissolving power of the steam do its magic!

Many times, we hear homeowners say that they're hesitant to drive on their driveways after we're done... They want the look to remain that clean forever. We can't promise that the clean look will last forever, but we can assure that we'll be around each and every year to take care of all of your pressure washing needs.

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Excellent Job! ~ Jean Kuba - Arlington, VA

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